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December 8, 2011 / erinroche

A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Bullying at Schools

by Erin Roche

Bullying has always existed in some form, yet, in recent years, bullying in schools has received greater public exposure. From his experience as a father and Principal, Erin Roche understands the powerlessness parents experience when sending their children to school each day, wondering if they are being treated well. To help parents take an active stance against bullying, Mr. Roche offers the following suggestions.

Much like dealing with a form of illness, preventative action should be taken against bullying. By speaking with children and providing advice on how to handle different types of bullying, parents equip kids with the means to avoid getting bullied in the first place, or prevent it from continuing. In dealing with young children, open the discussion by discussing respect. Explain that everyone should be shown respect, and that those who fail to respect others are known as bullies.

As the conversation continues, pose what-if questions to the child. For example, “What would you do if you saw someone picking on someone else?” and, “What would you do if someone picked on you in the halls between classes?” Such questions encourage children to ponder the problem and come up with solutions. Should the situation occur, they will feel armed with possible courses of action.

Of course, the reality is that not every child is bullied. Sometimes our own children commit acts of bullying. Talk to children about how they feel when someone bullies them, and point out that they would be inflicting those damaging feelings on others. Talking to your children about bullying is the best way to prevent it.

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