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February 21, 2013 / erinroche

Erin Roche: Chicago Youths Experience College While Still in High School

Last year a record number of 528 students took part in a Summer of a Lifetime, a program that sends Chicago students to summer school at colleges across the United States. In two-week and eight-week sessions, the students took college-level classes at 67 participating universities. Some students studied math at the Illinois Institute of Technology, while others had the opportunity to learn about civics and leadership at the Junior Statesman of America Program at Georgetown University.

The program is organized and funded by the Right Angle Foundation. The students, all academic standouts, come from families that ordinarily would not be able to afford summer enrichment. The students are selected from the 12 schools operated by the Noble Network of Charter Schools. Since the Right Angle Foundation was started in 1996, more than 1,600 students have taken part in the summer program.

About Erin Roche: A supporter of the Right Angle Foundation, Erin Roche is the Principal of the Prescott School, winner of the Academic Improvement Award of the Illinois Honor Schools.

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