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November 13, 2013 / erinroche

The Right Angle Summer of a Lifetime Program

An educational administrator based in Chicago, Erin Roche provides support for several local educational organizations, including Right Angle, which operates a unique Summer of a Lifetime program. Through Summer of a Lifetime, students gain the opportunity to participate in several different engaging educational initiatives at institutions around the country. Several students, explains Erin Roche, chose to engage in focused programs, such as the Journalism program at the University of Iowa, the Science and Sports Program at Colgate University, and the Junior Statesman of America initiative at Stanford University. At these schools, students have the ability to explore their passions in great depth through coursework, job shadowing, and speaking engagements.

Other initiatives, such as those at the University of Arizona or the University of Pennsylvania, seek to create an environment that mimics a real college experience. Participants in these programs choose from a variety of courses. Real university professors teach these rigorous courses, which push students to set high standards for themselves. Students also gain the opportunity to visit local museums, national parks, and local monuments to round out their education.

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